Meet Our Media Specialists

Mr. Patrick was a middle school language arts teacher for 8 years before becoming the full-time media specialist at the Eastern middle/high media center in 2011. He currently works as the high school media center coordinator, overseeing the district’s 3 high school media centers. He earned his Master’s degree in Educational Technology and his media specialist endorsement from Grand Valley State University in 2008. He enjoys books, film, music, and video games. He also loves a good, hard-boiled mystery as well as a good cup of coffee. If you would like to contact Mr. Patrick, please email him at

Mrs. Chrenka has been a media specialist in Forest Hills since 1997 when she helped open the 5/6 buildings.  She also ran the Northern Hills Media Center for several years before becoming the middle level media coordinator.  She earned her B.A. at Michigan State and a Masters of Information at the University of Michigan.  Mrs. Chrenka's three children all attend Forest Hills Schools and are happy that she will be working in their buildings in order to provide spare change and treats.  When she's not librarian-ing, Mrs. Chrenka likes to read, work in her garden, talk to the family chickens, and cook. Feel free to email her at

Mr. Ward was the first Media Specialist hired in the district and has been working in that capacity for 36 years. He was the Northern High School Media Specialist for 35 years and student taught at both high school and elementary levels and worked for the Grand Rapids Public Library for 4.5 years.  As Elementary Media Coordinator, Mr. Ward supervises eight K-4 elementary school Media Centers.  He also  enjoys physical fitness activities, biking, and summers at  the family cottage up north.  Mr. Ward can be contacted at